3 Things You Should Know About Bunions

Has the bunion on your big toe led to the toe next to it buckling and being painful? You might want to consider undergoing surgery to get rid of the problem. The first thing you should do is get your foot examined by a podiatrist so he or she can determine how severe the bunion is. Take a look at this article for more insight about bunions and undergoing surgery to decide how to go about getting treated.

1. The Cause of a Bunion Developing

There are numerous things that can play a role in a bunion developing on a big toe. For instance, it is possible that bunions run in your family and resulted in you getting one. It is possible that you have had a small bunion for years that has slowly progressed in severity. One of the most common causes of bunion development is from wearing shoes that are not the right size. Small shoes can cause your big toes to press against the material and overcrowd your toes, which can lead to your big toe joint becoming dislocated after a while.

2. Why Surgery Might Be Ideal

Although bunion surgery isn't always necessary, it can be helpful due to your big toe causing another toe to buckle. If you don't get the right kind of treatment based on severity, you can end up suffering from a severe case of a condition known as hammertoe. Being that your bunion has already begun to press into the toe next to it, it is likely that your condition is severe. Wearing bigger shoes or orthotics will not be sufficient enough to treat a severe bunion. A podiatrist can perform surgery to correct the dislocated joint in your big toe before the condition becomes worse, such as possibly making it hard for you to walk without experiencing pain.

3. Types of Bunion Surgical Procedures

There are a few different ways that a podiatrist can perform bunion surgery, as it will be based on the severity of the condition. You will be given an x-ray to determine how severe the bunion is. In some cases, the specialist will simply cut the joint in your big toe and realign into the correct position through the osteotomy procedure. It is also for an arthrodesis to be done for replacing the damaged big toe joint with metal plates. An exostectomy can be performed for complete removal of the bunion with no joint alignment being necessary. Consult with a foot doctor by Orvitz Podiatry Clinic about your bunion as soon as possible to find out if surgery is ideal.