4 Ways To Ease The Pain In Your Heels

Experiencing pain in your heels and when you walk can make it really difficult to get through your day. It is hard to enjoy your day when you are dealing with constant pain every time you have to walk somewhere. Heel pain is often caused by plantar fasciitis, and it can resolve itself over time if you take care of yourself.

#1 Ice Your Feet

When you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, you want to make sure that you deal directly with the pain and inflammation that can come with this condition. You should put an ice pack on your feet. Ice your feet a couple of times a day. When you ice your feet, wrap the ice pack up in a towel and apply the ice directly to your heel.

This will help reduce the swelling and give your feet a chance to heal.

#2 Treat Your Pain

Make sure that you treat your pain. If your feet are swollen and in pain, you can treat the pain that you are feeling with either acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Make sure that you take the recommended dose for your body weight and size. Don't take more medication than is recommended or for a longer period of time than is recommended on the bottle. If your pain is too intense, talk to your doctor about how to better manage your pain.

#3 Get Some Rest

Be sure to rest your feet. If they are in a lot of pain, try to stay off of your feet for a couple days. Staying off your feet and reducing your physical activity can help your body heal. It can give you a mental break as well. It can be strenuous to have to deal with pain every time you walk somewhere, so staying off your feet for a few days can help.

#4 Exercise Your Feet

You should also make sure that you exercise your feet by stretching them out. You should flex your feet and stretch out your feet on a daily basis.This can help make your plantar fascia feel better.

Exercising your feet is really easy and is something you can do at home. Stand up and raise your heels up off the ground, standing on the balls of your feet and holding it for ten seconds. Squeeze your toes together and then relax them for five second intervals at least ten times in a row. You can also roll a ball across the bottom of your feet, such as a golf ball or a tennis ball. These are easy ways to work out your foot. 

For more information, talk with a care provider like those at East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons.