4 Ways To Deal With Heel Pain

Heel pain can make it difficult to walk around and even make it short distances such as from your bedroom to the bathroom. Heel pain, usually caused by plantar fasciitis, can be debilitating when you are dealing with it. You can take steps at home to help you make it through the pain and make your way back to relief as well.

Get Some Inserts

The first thing that you need to do is get some inserts for your shoes. You are going to want to get more than one pair of inserts so that you can take care of all of the shoes that you wear often. You want the shoes to help raise up your heel and provide plenty of support to the arch of your foot. The inserts should take some of the pain away from your feet and make it more comfortable for you to walk. You should continue to wear the inserts after your plantar fasciitis fades away, as the arches can help stop your plantar fasciitis from reoccurring.

Use Some Ice

Second, you need to work to reduce the swelling on your feet. One of the best ways to reduce the swelling is to ice your feet. Icing your feet will help reduce both the swelling and the inflammation in your feet, and it should also help cut down on the pain that you are experiencing.

You are going to want to wrap the ice pack in a towel. You don't want to put the ice directly on your foot; this can be damaging. Ice your foot for about ten to fifteen minutes, then give your foot a break at least equal to the amount of time that you iced your foot.

Warm Things Up

Third, warming things up is another way to relieve the pain and swelling in your foot. Soak your feet in some nice warm water and Epson salt; this is supposed to be a very soothing combination. Once again, just like with the ice, do not overdo it. Soak your feet until the water cools off, then take your feet out of the water. This should help get rid of some of your pain and swelling.

Put Your Feet Up

Finally, you need to put your feet up. Putting your feet up and just getting off your feet will give your feet time to heal. Take some time off work or see if you can work from home. Get some help around your home so you can minimize your movement as much as possible.

Oftentimes, what your body needs the most is to just take a break in order to allow your feet to heal. Pamper your feet with ice, warm salt baths, and nice inserts that will provide your feet with the cushion and support that it needs.

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