Why Do You Keep Rolling Your Ankle? Understanding Chronic Ankle Instability

If your ankles keep rolling or you feel unstable on your feet, you may have chronic ankle instability. People with this condition are prone to ankle sprains, persistent swelling, and ankle pain. Take a look at why you might have this problem and how a podiatrist can help. What Causes It? If you sprained your ankle in the past, the ligaments that support your ankle may have not healed correctly and are still torn or overstretched. Read More 

Dancers And Ingrown Toenails

Dancers exhibit strength and grace and impressive control over their bodies. Professional, pre-professional, and competitive dancers spend many hours each week in the studio honing their skills. All that hard work can wreak havoc on their feet. At some point in their careers, most dancers have to deal with ingrown toenails. Development of Ingrown Toenails The nail of the big toe, or hallux, can become ingrown when the sides of the nail start growing down into the skin. Read More 

Bunion Surgery 101: A Guide Of Faqs

Sometimes painful, and oftentimes unsightly, bunions have an ugly reputation for being a real pain in the foot. Thankfully, there are multiple treatment options available, including surgery. If you have bunions on your feet, you are bound to be curious about the methods used to get rid of them. Take a look at some of the common questions people with bunions tend to have about bunion surgery.  Do all bunions have to be surgically removed? Read More 

The Benefits Of A Foot Soak

If your feet are too tired, you aren't going to be able to move around too much. Tired and aching feet can impact the entire body and cause you to ache all over if you continue on with those tired feet. Taking care of your feet is essential, and a good foot soak can have a great number of benefits. Read on for a few of these benefits. Alleviate Stress Read More 

4 Ways To Deal With Heel Pain

Heel pain can make it difficult to walk around and even make it short distances such as from your bedroom to the bathroom. Heel pain, usually caused by plantar fasciitis, can be debilitating when you are dealing with it. You can take steps at home to help you make it through the pain and make your way back to relief as well. Get Some Inserts The first thing that you need to do is get some inserts for your shoes. Read More